Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New music from War Of Words and Oh My!

Last week, I wrote a piece on the tidal wave of girl bands heading for the shores of planet pop. Towards the end, I mentioned a top secret project "that I can't tell you about [but] which is VERY EXCITING INDEED". That project was War Of Words, aka Abi And Lucy from Devon and Essex (above, left).

Abi went to the Brit School and Lucy nearly made it to the live finals of BBC One talent show / garish atrocity I'll Do Anything. But don't hold that against them, because they've teamed up with Ben La Roux (and Elly La Roux for some remixes) to make an incredible album of 90s-flavoured girlpop. It would be even more incredible if Emeli Sandé hadn't just pulled off exactly the same trick, but War Of Words say they love Emeli Sandé so that's all ok.

Popjustice HiFi is releasing the band's first two singles at exactly the same day - a move which is brave and bold and brilliant and bananas. The first one is called Panic, and it sounds like this.

War Of Words - Panic

The second one is called Battleground and it sounds like this.

War Of Words - Battleground

OH MY GOODNESS, you must be thinking, THIS IS AMAZING AND I AM FULLY SATISFIED WITH MY DIET OF TWO GREAT POP SONGS IN THE SPACE OF ONE BLOG POST. But as soon as you remember to switch off your caps lock button, you will notice that there is a third great pop song waiting for you - and this one comes from Northern pop lasses Oh My! (above, right).

They're the ones I described last week as being a cross between Mini Viva's sophisticated pop and Bananarama's parental advisory barking at the moon. Their new single hit the internet yesterday - revealing itself to be a chick-flick inspired tale of teenage hedonism called Dirty Dancer. Here is it.

Oh My! - Dirty Dancer

As luck would have it, I have written an entire article about the whole Oh My / War Of Words / resurgent girl band phenomenon. It contains interviews with both of the bands and their and a random quote about Atomic Kitten. You may read it on the website of the nation's largest public service broadcaster.

One final point - can whoever is in charge of these girl band promo shots please splash out for something more visually arresting than a plain white background? Plsthxbye.

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