Monday, October 17, 2011

Introducing R&B "sensation" Miguel

I was just about to blog about James Morrison and Jessie J's wet fart of a duet out of sheer desperation when someone sent me this... Consider it a lucky escape for everyone involved.

The song in question is by US R&B singer Miguel and it is his new single Girls Like You. Essentially a cross between Prince's unfettered libido and Kid Cudi's downbeat atmospherics, it features an incredible reference to noughts-and-crosses strategy game Connect Four that shouldn't work, but ends up winning you over.

Miguel - Girls Like You

Here are five quick facts about Miguel, one of which is totally untrue:

:: Miguel's full name is Miguel Jontel, which trips very pleasingly off the tongue, does it not?

:: Miguel has written songs for Usher and Mary J Blige, and won a Grammy nomination for his solo song Finding My Way Back.

:: Miguel's favourite board game is not Connect Four but Hungry Hippos.

:: Miguel turns 25 next week and will be celebrating with a birthday party, with presents and such.

:: If he was forced to get a tattoo at gunpoint, it would say "don't shoot".

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