Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray For Earth

New York band Hooray For Earth should be filed under the "a little bit pop, a little bit indie" category in HMV's rapidly-shrinking music section. If you like Yeasayer or MGMT, they might be up your street. Other things that might be up your street include a fire hydrant, a cat, someone's bike, that one guy with the wonky eye, hedges, sledges, ledges, drainpipes, stalactites and a magic pony.

Anyway, Hooray For Earth have a single which is getting a lot of love on 6 Music. True Loves is its name, and it stutters along on a jerky, insectoid rhythm while singer Noel Heroux rambles on inconclusively about love and the aging process.

If you're expecting the video to help you decipher the lyrics, good luck. It appears to be some sort of tribute to Planet Of The Apes and / or science fiction in general. There's lots of ominous smoke and trudging through long grass and wearing of facial hair but it's very perplexing indeed.

Great song, though.

Hooray For Earth - True Loves

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