Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Saturdays - coming soon to an X Factor montage near you

The stonking brilliance of The Saturdays' last single, All Fired Up, was something of a revelation. Suddenly, the quintet who became Britiain's top girl group by default (because the others all gave up) had raised their game with a deranged and distorted dance anthem. They're following it up - in pop's greatest tradition - with a ballad aimed at the Christmas market.

My Heart Takes Over isn't knock-you-sideways extraordinary but it's a competent 7/10 effort. From the croaky, string-drenched opening it picks up an uneven, proto-industrial drumbeat and builds to one of those moments where everything goes uncomfortably quiet for a little longer than is musically appropriate, before it EXPLODES INTO A HUGE FINAL CHORUS.

Of course, that moment of silence is specifically timed for Gary Barlow to say "it's four yesses, you're going to bootcamp!". Someone in The Saturdays team knew exactly what they're doing when they wrote that.

An audio preview of the song went up on YouTube this morning, and the girls are off to Iceland to film the video later today. I hope they've scouted this museum as a potential location.

The Saturdays - My Heart Takes Over

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