Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rough Diamonds - a quite good girl band

The 1990s jack swing revival continues apace with the launch of "for real" girl band RD (it stands for Rough Diamondz, apparently). The trio may have handicapped themselves with an impossible-to-Google name, but the material is promising.

In their own words, RD are "a nod back to the glory days when sassy girl groups - En Vogue, Salt ‘N’ Pepa, TLC and the like - ruled the roost". To pick more a recent (but nonetheless ancient in pop terms) example, the band combine the smudged glamour of All Saints with Mis-Teeq's diet R&B.

The girls are (l-r) MC Chronz, Troy and Martika. They've toured with JLS and been mentored by N-Dubz, but have somehow managed to escape untainted from both experiences.

And if RD seem vaguely familiar, it might be because you heard Do It Like Me - the funky, Dead Prez-sampling single they released last year. I've no idea what they've been up to since then, but I'd like to imagine they've been polishing up the screenplay they pitched to MTV's The Wrap in January.

"We’d love to do a comedy action movie set in a Nando’s restaurant, where it all kicks off. We’d call it, ‘Don’t Touch My Chicken.’"

Until that cinematic masterpiece comes out, here's their new single, Got Me Burnin'. It's out on 25 September.

RD - Got Me Burnin'

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