Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The new generation of mousy-haired pop singers: A cut-out-and-keep guide

It's that time of year when record labels start to wind up the campaigns for their Sound of 2012 hopefuls. At this stage, it seems a fairly safe bet that Lana Del Rey and Ronika are headed for the Top Five. There'll also be something unlistenable from the post-dubstep "genre", an indie band we never hear from again, and an influx of ginger women with big confessional ballads. The industry loves a trend.

Coming up from the rear, however, are three genuinely talented pop singers with spookily similar hair. In order to avoid confusion, I have prepared this handy cut-out-and-keep guide. You are, as always, welcome.


Real name: Paloma Ayana Stoecker
Age: 20
Nationality: British
Has toured with: Chase & Status
If her music was a soft drink it would be: Cherry Cola
"Interesting" fact: Paloma's granddad Karl designed Roxy Music's album covers
Hyperbolic blog quote: "When I heard ‘Go’ I shed a single tear at the beauty of what I had been lucky enough to bear witness to." (
Her single sounds like: The unholy marriage of Chaka Khan and Katy B
She says: "If I could be anything apart from a person I would like to be a Pencil." (Pyromag)

Delilah - Go


Real name: Amanda Mair
Age: 16
Nationality: Swedish
Has toured with: No-one
If her music was a soft drink it would be: Ginger Beer
"Interesting" fact: Amanda lives on an island, like Robinson Crusoe
Hyperbolic blog quote: "Impossible not to be amazed" (Hits In The Car)
Her single sounds like: Florence and the Machine on mood stabilisers
She says: "My parents have a bakery and I can make seven types of cookies." (Popjustice)

Amanda Mair - Doubt


Real name: Jade Williams
Age: 23
Nationality: British
Has toured with: Ellie Goulding
If her music was a soft drink it would be: Lucozade Sport
"Interesting" fact: Jade had hypnotherapy to overcome her stage fright
Hyperbolic blog quote: "Probably cooler than anyone we’ll ever know" (Sugarscape)
Her new single sounds like: A cover of Suncreem's Love You More.
She says: "I’d love to do a gig at the National History Museum in one of the display cabinets with the stuffed animals." (There Goes The Fear)

Sunday Girl - Love U More

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