Thursday, September 15, 2011

Labrinth & Nicola Roberts lyric video frenzy

I blame Cee-Lo Green.

Ever since the viral success of F**k You, lyric videos have become hugely desirable marketing tools. Cheap but effective, they siphon fans away from unofficial, low-quality "radio rips" on YouTube, giving the artist time precious time to make a proper music video after their song premieres.

But Cee-Lo's lyrics were written by somebody with a keen grasp of idiom and metaphor. They were also very funny. Not everyone can be so talented lucky. Having fatally misunderstood the entire concept, Alexis Jordan released a lyric video for her new single Laying Around With You last week. The lyrics were punishingly banal in the first place ("What I wouldn't give to cook you dinner in the microwave") but having them spelt out in front of your eyes will cause your melt your brain.

Alexis Jordan - Laying Around With You

But, lo! To the rescue come Labrinth and Nicola Roberts. Both have made their latest lyrics available online for your discernment and scrutiny.

Labrinth gets Tinie Tempah to repay the favour he paid on Frisky, by getting him to star as featured vocalist on Earthquake. Going for a playful-but-dumb vibe, the duo namecheck Labrinth's label boss Simon Cowell: "Hey Simon, we be fucking them up / Turning em Syco, everybody rock".

A party anthem in the making.

Labrinth ft Tinie Tempah

Roberts takes the opposite approach. Sticks and Stones, a preview track from her imminent debut album Cinderella's Eyes is 100% designed to make you cry. Get the tissues ready.

Nicola Roberts - Sticks And Stones


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