Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting it wrong: Jennifer Lopez

About 15 years ago, in the heyday of Loaded and FHM, Lynx came up with an ad campaign where they promised that if you sprayed "Africa" or "Instinct" on your armpits, girls would flock to your door and do sex on you. It continues to this day, with laughable promises like "the cleaner you are, the dirtier you'll get". In reality, of course, any potential rumpo would be over the second a girl licked your back and got that horrible dry musky taste on her tongue.

Nonetheless, the concept persists. And now Jennifer Lopez has taken it on in the video for her new single Papi. She's reversed the gender roles, obviously, and she doesn't need to use a special bodyspray to attract men because Jennifer Lopez smells like fresh sky on a mountain top.

So, in the video J-Lo eats a magic love cookie (similar to a hash brownie, one presumes) and hundreds of men fall over themselves to get her attention, with hilarious consequences. At least, I assume it's supposed to be funny - but I think they've miscalculated the comedic effect of a posse of men on a wild testosterone binge pursuing a lone women down the streets of New York. The extras all seem to have a little too much fire in the blood. They're looting and smashing things up, chasing a visibly distressed Jennifer Lopez in their cars, and forcibly pulling her out of her own car through the sun roof.

When it suddenly breaks into an impromptu dance sequence, you realise they were just trying catch J-Lo in order to compliment her fabulous shoes - but for a moment there it all got a little sex crimey.

Jennifer Lopez - Papi

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