Friday, September 30, 2011

Fawn times with Metronomy

Metronomy have resurfaced with a video for the sublime Everything Goes My Way, off of their not-Mercury-winning album The English Riviera. This is the one featuring vocals from Roxanne Clifford, who spends the entire song flirting with a different tune in an alternate key. Somehow it works, though - giving a precarious sense of fragility to the song's story of a faltering relationship.

The video features the band walking through a park (Richmond Park, I think) and encountering some deer, for no immediately justifiable reason.

Metronomy - Everything Goes My Way

Rejected titles for this post included: Nearest and deer-est; Deer to dream; Metronomy watch your aunt elope; Stag night; What's this video about? I've no i-deer; Metronomy's en-deer-ing video; Bambi goes emo; Oh deer.

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