Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Eight reasons why Lana Del Rey is great*

NUMBER ONE: She descibes herself as "the gangsta Nancy Sinatra"

NUMBER TWO: Of her record industry experience, she says: "Sleeping with the boss doesn't get you anywhere at all these days".

NUMBER THREE: She has an album produced by Regina Spektor cohort David Khane, who is literally very good at producing records.

NUMBER FOUR: But she shelved that album and made another one with people like Liam Howe and Chris Braide, who are also above average at putting together pop songs.

NUMBER FIVE: She wants to call said album The Best of Lana Del Rey

NUMBER SIX: At university, her studies involved "working out whether we could mathematically prove God's existence." She got extra marks for showing her method.

NUMBER SEVEN: If she could ask any pop star, living or dead, any question, then she "would ask Elvis if he would kiss me".

NUMBER EIGHT: Her very brilliant single is called Video Games, and she "still cries sometimes when I sing it".

Here is the video for that single, which is out in a matter of weeks. A video for the double a-side, Blue Jeans, is due on Friday.

Lana Del Rey - Video Games

* That I have pilfered from other people's interviews because I have not been offered my own :(

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