Monday, September 12, 2011

Coldplay are coming to get you

Mylo Xyloto. It sounds like a character in a Japanese video game. The sort of game where the visuals give you a contact migraine and the soundtrack is like having jagged kebab skewers shoved into your eardrums.

Mylo Xyloto is, in fact, the new album from Coldplay - so the effect is broadly similar. Or so you'd think...

Because Paradise, the second single from the band's latest long player, is actually quite tolerable. Much like Lost, the funky, Jay-Z featuring single from Prospekts March, it melds the bands melodic instincts to a rhythm worthy of Timbaland. And Chris Martin doesn't sound too moany for once.

"Listen without prejudice," as it says in the Bible [are you sure about this? - Ed].

Coldplay - Paradise

PS: Mylo Xyloto doesn't actually mean anything. But it is a unique search term on Google. How modern.

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