Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A capella news: Camille returns, with a banjo

Continental crackpot Camille is back with a brand new single, L'étouderie (The Thoughtlessness).

For the uninitiated, her previous records are transcendentally bonkers Gallic pop, recorded totally a capella. Or rather a le corps, as the every inch of the 33-year-old's body is employed in some way. Of particular genius is Money Note, a song from her 2008 album Music Hole, which is not only a sly joke at the expense of Celine Dion, but also a six-minute deep house epic performed entirely on a human fleshbag.

Having pretty much exhausted the possibilities of a capella arrangements, Camille has allowed a few basic acoustic instruments onto her new album, Ilo Veyou (that's I Love You, in case you hadn't noticed). Camille's quotes on the press release are, unsurprisingly, in French, but here's what Google Translate tells us.

"Ilo Veyou" album is a stripped, acoustic, organic, a capella, which speaks of love and that has been registered under specific conditions, with a particular acoustic sometimes live, sometimes with a string quartet or in places individuals as a chapel.

Essentially, the album was recorded live, in various locations with peculiar and special acoustics. We don't know where L'étouderie was committed to tape, but I like to think it was on a fishing boat. It has a gentle, lilting quality that would sound perfect if you were set adrift in the middle of the Atlantic.

The only YouTube clip available so far is an acoustic performance, performed while Camille balances a stick on her head.

But of course.

Camille - L'étouderie

And here's a clip of the album version from French site PureCharts:

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