Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Will Young provokes thoughtful reflection

Will Young's new song is called Jealousy and, if you've been paying attention, you'll know I think it is very good.

But you shouldn't just take my word for it. People have been responding to Jealousy "in their thousands" thanks to the internet and their minds.

Here, for example, is what Jayonthedot had to say on Will's YouTube channel.

"Just want to say thankyou will young. I was going to get back with my boyfreind who cheated on me 3 times. I used to be so jealous and depressed the amount of times i would stay awake thinking why am i not good enough, This song brang back all of those feelings and made me realise do i really´╗┐ want to go through all that again? Thankfully i will not be im speaking to a really nice guy and were going on a date tommorow. If it wasnt for you id be in that mess again. Beautiful song. Thanks x"

"Brang back" is a beautifully evocative phrase, I think we can all agree.

Over on the Buzzjack forum, DanJohn3 makes a succinct, but erudite comment.

"What I love about this (as I hoped/expected from Will). It's dance music, but it's dance music with an emotional connotation. He's not trying to cater to a younger more urban~ audience."

Finally, Robot Pigeon reviews the video.

"Did anyone else think he was going to turn into a swan at the end, and stab the man with a piece of broken mirror, and then find out it was all in his mind, and actually he was the other man, and still a swan, and then climb onto a high piece of scenery and fall backwards and die and still be a swan, maybe, no not actually she was mad. What? Oh, that was Black Swan."

Me? I'm just excited to discover that Marina "and the Diamonds" has a writing credit on this track. Now we know what one of her songs would sound like without the constant hiccupping - IE Amazing.

Will Young - Jealousy

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