Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sound Bank: Introduction

Sad news: The blog is going to be out of action for three weeks while I set off for Africa with my father-in-law, who grew up and went to school in Tanzania. "Which one is Tanzania," you ask?

We'll be visiting the boarding school he attended (which is now teaching local children) to do a bit of handiwork, and see a few gnu. Did you know the gnu was just a type of wildebeest? Me neither, until I looked it up on Wikipedia just now. Amazing.

Obviously, the musical landscape is going to change BEYOND RECOGNITION while I'm away. The multi-million sales of Cher Lloyd's debut single will single-handedly revive the fortunes of HMV, Muse will end their set at Reading and Leeds by pulling off their humanoid masks to reveal lizard faces, and Taio Cruz will revert to his birth name, Simon Archibald Lisa Lisa D'Octopus.

While I will be unable to cover these stories from Africa, I thought I'd leave you with something - and that something is the pretentiously-named "Sound Bank": Sixteen posts, each talking about a sound that has in one way or another defined my life. They won't all be songs - although some of them will undoubtedly be major tunes. It runs the risk of being terribly self-involved, but I promise to do some jokes, too.

See you at the end of August!

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