Monday, August 22, 2011

Sound Bank: 14) 30 Rock Title Sequence

Every relationship has weird quirks. Tim Burton and Helena-Bonham Carter live in adjacent houses connected by a medieval dungeon. Woody Allen adopted a girl so he could marry her. Ozzy Osbourne "hilariously" tried to murder Sharon with a pillow.

Compared to that freak show, Kaye and I are supernaturally boring. But we do have one unbreakable rule: During the opening titles to 30 Rock, I am obliged to replicate the jungle drums on Kaye's back, pluck the descending double bass line down her arm and end the sequence with a huge flourish, EG a gentle tweak to the nose or a double boob grope. Once, and I swear this was an accident, it was a massive smack across the earhole. That didn't go down well at all.

Fact: If we fail to do this, the episode won't be any good.

30 Rock Theme

Sound Bank is a series of blog posts I'm running in August while I'm on holiday. If you want to know more about it, there's an explanation on this page. Normal pop blog service will be resumed around 25th August

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