Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sound Bank: 10) Talking to people for a living

Regular readers will know that I've just finished working at BBC 6 Music. Regular readers may also have wondered how my barely disguised love of girl pop fitted at the country's best alternative music station.

The answer is that it didn't. But my tastes are broad enough to appreciate Wild Beasts and Wye Oak alongside Girls Aloud and Katy Perry. And, contrary to popular belief, 6 Music is catholic enough to play Aloe Blacc and Lykke Li alongside The National. We're both pretty awesome like that.

There were many highlights during my all-too-brief sojourn in the news team. Comparing Beyoncé to a griffin live on air; getting Alison Goldfrapp to talk about her neighbour's furry front bottom; Drawing a cock and balls on a picture of Glasvegas, then absent-mindedly leaving it on the desk when they came in for an interview. (Sony were a little annoyed about that, so we printed the picture onto t-shirts and wore them to the band's show at Glastonbury).

I did some things I was proud of, too - like this 'walk-and-talk' tour of Noah And The Whale's rehearsal studio, back in January.

Sound Bank is a series of blog posts I'm running in August while I'm on holiday. If you want to know more about it, there's an explanation on this page. Normal pop blog service will be resumed around 25th August

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