Friday, August 26, 2011

Ronika is in a spin

I have worn out the debut EP from Ronika (a couple of 1s and 0s are missing from the MP3). So the release of her new single, In The City, is perfectly timed.

Fans of Wiyoo and Forget Yourself will know what to expect - effortlessly cool retropop, with shades of Larry Levan, Tom Tom Club and Gwen Guthrie. Or, in Ronika's own words, "magnificent, over-cooked, doomed-joy sounds posing like a Grecian god in the neon glare of mundanity." But of course.

Like many of today's pop stars, Ronika is available on Twitter (@ohronikagirl). Amidst the inevitable retweets of obsequious compliments are some deliciously surreal witticisms.

:: "I may not have a big heart but at least i have a big nose." (24 August)
:: "Beyonce was unbelievable. Unbelonceyable." (27 June)
:: "i think my house is built on an ancient kebab burial site. i smell meat." (7 Feb)
:: "would like it if everyone treated ice-cream vans with the same respect as ambulances. move to the side of the road, their work is important." (2 May)
:: "i have drawn a lion on my little toe. and am having a toe jam." (27 June)

Ladies and gentleman, we have a new favourite pop star.

Now all I need to know is whether Ronika pronounced like "Veronica" or "Wrong sneaker". Answers on a bandage.

Ronika - In The City

You can download an MP3 of In The City FOR FREE from Soundcloud.
And you can read an entertaining interview with Ronika on Mike Atkinson's blog.

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