Tuesday, August 30, 2011

P-p-p-pick up a Penguin

Penguin Prison is the nom de plume of New York's Chris Glover. He's popped up on these pages several times thanks to his remix work for Marina, Passion Pit, Goldfrapp and, er, Jamiroquai.

The name comes from a "joke rap song" he recorded about George W Bush back in his pre-fame days. "We were freestyling," he told NY arts blog According to G, "and my friend Bob just said this line out of nowhere, 'he’s a penguin vision, he went to the penguin prison and assumed a penguin position.'"

Sadly, that particular song has been consigned to the dustbin and Chris has gone solo. He stomps the same ground as 80s alt-pop giants Talking Heads, but ditches the icy intellectual distance. Better still, he keeps one foot firmly planted in naff-ville. Several songs threaten to go completely Heaven 17. Which is amazing, obviously.

Chris has just uploaded live favourite Don't Fuck With My Money to SoundCloud. It's premium pop, from the OTT falsetto right down to the gratuitous orchestra hits.

Don't Fuck With My Money by Penguin Prison

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