Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yacht to like this*

I have a sneaking suspicion that Yacht, an electropunk duo from New York, might be insufferable idiotbags.

Their name stands for “Young Americans Challenging High Technology". Their official biography contains such passages as:
"Strictly speaking, YACHT does not 'perform music'. YACHT provides inspiring Teachings of constantly changing elements: PowerPoint presentations, immersive audio, live audience audits, and shamanistic video environments"

They have press photos that look like this.

So, hands up. Who wants to punch the teeth out of Yacht's stupid art student faces?

Well, hold on a moment... because hidden amidst the Niagra Falls of bullshit is a tiny nugget of golden electropop. Dystopia is its name, and it is catchier than the measles.

Typically, Yacht have hidden this gem at the end of another track. That one's called Utopia, and it's the sort of thing Hot Chip would make if Hot Chip were (a) flamboyantly homosexual, like Chris Tucker in Fifth Element and (b) really, really bad. Someone described it to me earlier as "the wrong end of La Roux" which is an image I will never be able to shake.

I think I've managed to gerrymander the YouTube code so you can jump straight to the good part. If not, fast forward to 3'04". You'll regret it if you don't.

Yacht - Dystopia

* You ought to like this. "You ought" to like this. YOU OUGHT. YACHT. YOU OUGHT. 
Oh, never mind.

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