Friday, July 8, 2011

The new JLS video explained

Remember how a couple of weeks ago, I was spouting off about Jennifer Lopez's inability to distinguish cities from countries and countries from continents? Well now JLS are at it as well. Their new single, She Makes Me Wanna, contains the lyric "London to Jamaica. LA to Africa.". We need to start some sort of emergency pop star geography lesson.

To be fair to JLS, they're only copying J-Lo's successful formula... In the same way that they copied the song's title from Usher and its hook from Britney Spears' Til The World Ends. What's the old phrase - "plagiarists steal, geniuses aggregate"? Something like that anyway.

Predictably enough, the video features Aston, JB, Oritse and Marvin dancing on a platform in front of some ladies. Only this time they are not in "da club", they are at "da seaside". Here are the key moments in screengrab format.

Sound the Peter Andre klaxon!!!

The name of this song is "She Makes Me Wanna".

Oritsé visualises the "L" and "A" of "LA" using his manfingers.

Oritsé visualises Africa with a necklace in the shape of Africa.
(Oristé's new range of teaching aids will be available from August).

I don't know about you, but when I get splashed with sea water, I don't look excited and happy. I spend the next five minutes blowing sand out of my nose.


Phew. Thank Christ for that.

Even Dev appears bored with her atrocious attempt at a "rap".

This shot of a lady with a hula hoop appears three times in the video.
Three times! There's got to be a story behind that...

Who the heck is Colin Tiley?

So there you go... She Makes Me Wanna is out on 24th July, and trails the as-yet-untitled third JLS album. Here's the video in its full glory.

JLS feat Dev - She Makes Me Wanna

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