Monday, July 11, 2011

The Pierces have a new video

Allison and Catherine Pierce have visted the magical woodlands to film a video for It Will Not Be Forgotten.

The song isn't the finest moment on their top five album, You & I, but there's always room for a keening soft rock ballad in my iTunes library. You never know - it might come in handy when I finally get asked to curate the soundtrack to a major US drama series. One day, I would whip out this song for the montage where the doctor and the lady want to be together but they can't, and the other lady and the handsome man take their son to rehab, and the sad lonely woman hugs her doggy, and everyone would think I was the best person at choosing music for montgaes there has ever been, including the genius who first used Snow Patrol on Grey's Anatomy, and I would win an Emmy and buy a mansion in Palm Springs and live on Krispy Kremes and strawberry milk for eternity.

So thank you, The Pierces, for this mediocre song.

The Pierces - It Will Not Be Forgotten

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