Monday, July 25, 2011

Love Is A Losing Game

It's been a long, shocking, emotionally draining weekend. I've already said everything I wanted (and could bring myself) to say about Amy Winehouse's untimely death on the BBC both on air and online.

Now, as Popjustice commented, I just want to hear the music. I certainly don't want to redefine her work as a shallow eulogy to drugs, which is what some of my newsgathering colleagues seem to be determined to do. Amy's lyrics were informed by romance and heartbreak above anything else. As her father appositely commented this morning: "Amy was about one thing and that was love."

So here's a song that I love, from a time when Amy's live vocals could still make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Just listen to her range and phrasing. Unforgettable.

Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry On Their Own (live)

Out of all the articles I've read this weekend, the following ones stand out as being the least sensational and most insightful pieces of writing:

:: Alexis Petridis' superlative tribute in The Guardian [link]
:: Russell Brand reminiscing about "that twerp dithering up Chalk Farm Road" [link]
:: Guy Interrupted on the nature of addiction [link]
:: And it's worth re-reading Claire Hoffman's article from Rolling Stone three years ago, which exposed the fragile humanity behind Amy's tabloid notoriety [link]

Finally, here's Prince's tribute - a scratchy, acoustic cover version of Love Is A Losing Game, sung beautifully with NPG band member Andy Allo. It sounds like it was recorded on the fly - but just the change in tense ("love was a losing game") is enough to bring a lump to your throat.

The track was posted on Andy Allo's Facebook page, as was thisdownload link.

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