Thursday, July 7, 2011

Listen: Disco, Blisters and a Comedown

Here it is: The heavily-trailed b-side to Nicola Roberts' still-not-out-yet Beat Of My Drum. You only get your hands on it if you buy the CD single, a marketing technique which now seems as antiquated as calling the second track on a CD "the b-side".

While Beat Of My Drum is a sonically-adventurous journey into Nicola's fragile psyche, Disco, Blisters And A Comedown stays closer to the Girls Aloud template - whizzy electropop, brutal chorus, lyrics about getting plastered and snogging a minger.

It's a fantastic three minutes of pop, staggering from one lyrical highlight: "2am I think I am Gaga, maybe I've gone too far, I'm dancing on the bar" to another "Why do the lights in the kebab shop make this guy look less hot? He's looking like John Prescott." (*applause*)

Nonetheless, you can see why the song's been demoted to supporting status. Given the avant-garde experimentalism of Nicola's new material, putting this out as a single (as some of the more "vocal" Girls Aloud fans are claiming she should have done) would have raised false expectations for the album. Worse, Nicola would have looked stuck in the past, desperately clinging to the memories of meeting Terry Wogan on Children In Need and Nadine's adorable habit of not turning up to major awards ceremonies.

Nicola Roberts - Disco, Blisters And A Comedown

PS: If you don't want to fork out five quid for the CD single, you'll be relieved to know that Disco, Blisters And A Comedown will be the bonus track on Nicola's debut album, Cinderella's Eyes, out on 3rd October.

Here's the tracklist:
Beat Of My Drum
Dance In The Rain
Pretty Persuasion
Sticks & Stones
Porcelain Heart
Take A Bite
Yo Yo
Cinderella’s Eyes
Lucky Day
Been There, Done That
Want You (So Bad)
Wanna Dance
Disco, Blisters & A Comedown (UK Bonus Track)

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