Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jessie J version 2.0

When I first came across Jessie J - or Jessica Cornish, as she was then known, she seemed raw and exciting. A diamond in the rough. Her early YouTube efforts, filmed candidly in her bedroom revealed a humungous voice and, on occasion, a hoover. Here's Big White Room.

Jessie J - Big White Room

When Do It Like A Dude came out it was, quite rightly, given a huge amount of coverage. The Labrinth remix was spectacular, and Jessie rode the wave of hype right to the top of the Sound Of 2011 poll.

Then, well... I don't know. Her album, and the subsequent singles were all a little bland. The Essex girl with the detachable jaw was overwhelmed by her super-slick producers and their production line material. In March, her third single Nobody's Perfect limped to number 9 in the charts. About 21 places higher than it deserved.

Jessie J - Nobody's Pefect

You can't argue that Jessie's career is floundering, though. If thousands people gather to see a pop artist perform, immobile with a broken foot, at Glastonbury, they've got to be connecting on some level. The album, Who You Are, has hardly disgraced itself by dipping in and out of the Top 10 for the last couple of months, either.

Yet I'm not surprised to find out that Island is already lining up new material for Jessie. Dr Luke - who previously co-wrote and produced Price Tag - posted a new snippet, called Domino, on Soundcloud yesterday.

So, if this is the launch of the second stage of project J, what do you reckon? Admittedly, the track sounds great - but can you distinguish it from Katy Perry, or Ke$ha, or any one of Dr Luke's other proteg├ęs? Will Domino give Jessie's career a well-deserved fillip? Or does it steer her further away from megastar motorway and straight into also-ran alley?

These questions are of almost no importance or consequence.

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