Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jack White goes hip-hop

Trying to keep up with Jack White's side-projects is as pointless as trying to count all the pages on the internet. But it is always worth dipping into his latest projects because, even at his worst (that Bond theme), Jack White is one of the most bewitching, individual musicians of our generation.

This year, he's already delivered a stunning Laura Marling EP and the supple Rome project with Danger Mouse & Danielle Luppi.

Next up, he's produced a handful of hip-hop tracks with Detroit rapper Black Milk (who has already released five albums to almost universal disinterest). Typically, the tracks don't quite fit the slick, homogenous template of modern rap... The rambunctious live drums and multiple tempos "keep bringing the unexpected", as Black Milk correctly observes in his lyrics.

Here's the b-side, Brain. The EP is out today on 7" and iTunes, via White's Third Man Records label.

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