Friday, July 22, 2011

Five great things about Emeli Sandé's Heaven

1) Heaven contains the best, and most restrained, use of a gospel choir since Blur's Tender. 

2) When people sneer "this sounds just like Massive Attack's Unifinished Sympathy", Emeli will arch her eyebrow and say, "of course it sounds just like Massive Attack's Unfinished Sympathy. Unfinished Sympathy is fucking brilliant. I love it so much, I even copied the bit in the video where Shara Nelson walks down the street in a black overcoat. I am not mucking about here."

3) The unconventional chord change on the line "the day it always lasts too long". It lifts the melody and adds an unexpected air of optimism.

4) Angel wing tattoos.

5) The fact that Emeli Sandé has dozens of other equally amazing songs.

In summary: I like this song a lot.

Emeli Sandé - Heaven

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