Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cover Drive are coming to steal your Top 40

Never stand next to the 1980s when they're about to explode...

The improbably good-looking quartet pictured above are Cover Drive (left-right Andi Peters, Leona Lewis, either Milli or Vanilli, Bruno Mars). They hail from the Caribbean and they're named after a cricketing term, of all things.

Cover Drive have been working on their debut album for the last 12 months, roping in pop's top female songwriters for a helping hand. That means Linda Perry (Pink), Karen Poole (Kylie), Autumn Rowe (Alexis Jordan) and Ina Wroldsen (Britney), amongst others.

The band describe their sound as Carib-Pop, and we can judge what that means for ourselves with their first single. It's called Lick Ya Down (almost certainly a tribute to the mighty postage stamp) and it's chock-full of choruses, chants and unusual vocal ticks.

With singer Amanda Reifer hailing from Barbados, there's also an unshakeable similarity to Rihanna... It's almost as if they've taken Rude Boy and shaken it up with Do It Like A Dude and, er, Aqua's Barbie Girl to create a cheeky R&B cocktail.

*SERIOUSFACE* Always remember to drink your pop music responsibly.

Cover Drive - Lick Ya Down

Lick Ya Down is out on 28th August via Geffen / Polydor. You're either going to love it or hate it. My verdict can basically be summed up as follows....

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