Saturday, June 4, 2011

Nicola Roberts: Beat Of My Drum video

A couple of days earlier than anticipated, Nicola Roberts has released the video for her debut single, Beat Of My Drum. As I've been mentioned before, this single is 100% A GOOD THING, like ice cream and zebras.

Does the video fulfil that promise? Yes and no...

As the track begins, Nicola steps gingerly (sorry) towards the microphone, looking like a nerve-wracked X Factor contestant. It's a neat illustration of the lyrics, which describe her awkward beginnings in Girls Aloud - "Baby in the corner, learning quick. Keep up, keep up, keep up."

What needs to happen next is a shot of Nicola emerging, transformed from her cocoon and commanding the stage like Lady Gaga taming tigers in a Russian circus. But the video plays it a little too cool. The dancing is fresh and fluid, but lacks that crucial element of ball-busting confidence. Maybe the heels were a mistake?

Things start to improve in the drum breakdown, which is handily signposted by the presence of some drums.

And this particular move is fierce...

Finally, it all kicks off in time for the coda. Nicola celebrates by dressing up as Cher Lloyd in chunky knitwear. Note the sophisticated side pony tail.

Overall, 6/10. The video will be gobbled up by Nicola's dyed-in-the-wool fans (and, believe you me, they've really come out of the woodwork on Twitter in the last fortnight) but I'm not convinced it'll convert the non-believers.

I'll keep my fingers crossed, though. As a champion of brave, innovative day-glo pop, I'd love this to be a whopping great hit when it hits iTunes on Sunday.

Nicola Roberts - Beat Of My Drum

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