Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Florence & The Machine: Not Fade Away

Here's something a little unusual - Florence & The Machine covering Buddy Holly. It's for a tribute album - Rave On - which also features contributions from Cee-Lo, Paul McCartney, Patti Smith and (sharp intake of breath) Fiona Apple!

Florence's track, Not Fade Away, is a proper boneshaker, full of parping French Horns and psychotic percussion. Concord Records are throwing their full weight behind it, with a proper single release and video, but it's clearly just the product of an afternoon's fun in the recording studio.

Florence & The Machine - Not Fade Away

If that's whetted your apetite for new Florence material, you might not have long to wait. Producer Paul Epworth was on 6 Music yesterday, and said the new album is almost finished and "even heavier than the first".

"It's going to be stripped back," he revealed. "A little bit less indie and a bit more soulful."

"She's worked really hard to create a big body of work. We've whittled quite a long list of songs down to about 16. And now we're working on refining the material - turning coal into diamonds."

Epworth said the record will "be finished by the end of July". That probably means a late October / early November release, once mastering, marketing, artwork and press are taken care of.

You can hear the rest of that interview on the 6 Music site [link expires on 10th June].

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