Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Exclusive: Van Go Lion vs Johnny Hates Jazz

EXHIBIT A: Johnny Hates Jazz
Besuited 80s popmeisters. Fans of Studio Line hair gel. Fond of synthesized brass stabs. Once wrote a bizarrely cheery song about falling in love with a prostitute.

After they split up in 1988, one of Johnny Hates Jazz went on to pen hits for Gina G. Singer Clark Datchler recorded a solo album about the environment. They continue to survive off the royalties to global hit single Shattered Dreams, which has been played more than 3.2 million times on US radio alone.

Not to be confused with Living In A Box.

EXHIBIT B: Van Go Lion
Portland-based pop peddlers Van Go Lion are Amy Paige (vocals) and Josh Loerzel (synths and looking lost in promo photos, like Dave Stewart used to do in the Eurythmics). They are named after a character from obscure US kids show Zoobilee Zoo, which has the most annoying title sequence of all time.

By pressing a unique combination of buttons on their Apple Mac, the duo create DIY retro pop music that, unlike all other DIY retro pop music, is not rubbish. Instead, we get pared down, euphoric europop that tips its hat to The Pet Shop Boys, Hall And Oates and Billy Ocean (amazing). Here's their current single Body Moves.

Van Go Lion: Body Moves by VanGoLion

EXHIBIT C: Van Go Lion cover Johnny Hates Jazz
To celebrate the launch of Body Moves (you can buy it on iTunes now), Van Go Lion have recorded a brilliant, housed-up cover version Shattered Dreams and given it exclusively to Discopop Directory. How bloody marvellous is that?

Better still, Johnny Hates Jazz have given the whole thing their seal of approval. Here is what they had to say:

“25 years since Shattered Dreams was originally a worldwide hit, and after nearly three and a half million airplays in the US alone, it's great that the song is reaching a new generation of music fans. We celebrate Van Go Lion's innovative new recording, and have no doubt that it will add to this continuing success.” - Johnny Hates Jazz

Did you spot the reference to how great and popular Johnny Hates Jazz are? It's very subtle so you might have missed it, but it's definitely there.

Van Go Lion: Shattered Dreams (Johnny Hates Jazz cover) by VanGoLion

Find out more about Van Go Lion on their official website and twitter page. Find out more about Johnny Hates Jazz on Facebook.

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