Friday, June 10, 2011

Eminem? Oh, go on then

The whole Eminem comeback has largely passed us by here at Discopop Towers. All those shouting, self-hating murder fantasies seem like relics from the dark ages, like the crusades and treating mental illness with mercury. Didn't we all decide that rap music should be fun again?

Anyway, Marshall is still ploughing his peculiarly angry furrow, but every so often it's nice to be reminded what a clever sod he is. His guest slot on the new Bad Meets Evil single is a case in point. His tongue-twisting lyrics are a powder keg of witty wordplay, giving the plodding backing track a thrilling shot of adrenaline. It's just a shame he can't resist making a gratuitous anal sex gag in the first verse.

For God's sake, man. You're 38. Give it a rest.

Bad Meets Evil - Fast Lane ft Eminem

If you need an antidote - here's a new video from Brighton duo Rizzle Kicks. Sylvester and Jordan are both 18 and, according to this article, they "rap over indie, rock and pop, reggae and soul and mariachi samples".

That may sound like a cue to throw your computer out the window and hide under the duvet but, amazingly, it's not altogether horriffic. In fact, current single Down With The Trumpets is a great little summer anthem, with a cheeky brass sample lifted from Lily Allen's Smile.

Rizzle Kicks - Down With The Trumpets

Let's be honest, though, these guys won me over as soon as they mentioned Rachel Bilson. Here is a picture of Rachel Bilson in hotpants.


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