Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Eeek! I've entered my third millennium...

Well, here is a tiny milestone in the lifespan of this blog: The 2,000th post.

Looking back, I realise a few things... The jokes aren't as funny as I think, I'm prone to making snap judgements about new music, and approximately 5% of all the posts are about Girls Aloud.

Sorry about that.

I won't navel-gaze for too long, as I'm cruelly aware that my number one Google search result since 2007 has been for "Kristin Chenoweth naked" (and variations thereupon - spelling her name is hard). That takes you to this page which, one day, I will replace with a big flashing jpeg that says "HELLO PERVERTS" in an awesomely futile display of hypocrisy.

Since its inception, the blog has always been about encouraging me to look for new music. I have a self-imposed target of writing every weekday, and generally manage to meet it. The result? I've discovered some of my favourite artists (hello, Marina!) and genuinely angered some of my least favourite artists (hello, Professor Green!). What's more, I've ended up writing and broadcasting about music for a living - and these days, the site often features first drafts of longer articles in the "professional" realm.

So, if you're reading this and you fancy writing about music, why not set up your own blog? It will either help or drive you crazy. As it turns out, the two results aren't perceptibly different.

The 2,000th post wouldn't be complete without a Girls Aloud video tacked on to the end, so here's one I've never featured before: Nadine being chased around the stage by a wasp.

Comedy gold.

Girls Aloud - Call The Shots (wasp version)

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