Thursday, June 23, 2011

Could we just get on with it and reform Girls Aloud, please?

1) Nicola Roberts's very good solo effort has basically "stiffed" and no amount of gushing coverage in Sunday broadsheet style supplements is going to get it into the top 10, ok?

2) Cheryl Cole's last album was the sound of a yawn being stifled.

3) Kimberley Walsh can only stand around looking beautiful for so long.

4) We are not sure what Sarah Harding does any more. (Dating In The Dark does not count as "doing something" when you used to be in the UK's best pop group of the 21st century.)

5) Nadine Coyle has been reduced to recording songs in one of those photo karaoke booths in a US shopping mall.

Nadine Coyle - Sweetest High

Can we get Brian Higgins on the phone now, before Chipmunk releases another single and destroys British pop for once and for all?

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