Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cee-Lo and The B52's and a song about a cat

You've seen that headline. What more reason do you need to hit "play"?

Teddybears - Cho Cha feat. Cee-Lo Green & The B-52's

The track was masterminded by Swedish collective Teddybears, who started off as a grindcore act in 1991 and slowly mellowed into a sinister, ursine version of DeadMau5, parading around in bear helmets with flashing, angry eyes and razor sharp fangs.

Behind one of those masks, however, is Klas Ã…hlund - the pop genius who co-writes all of Robyn's best tracks (Hang With Me, Konichiwa Bitches, Indestructible) and has a credit on Britney's Piece Of Me.

The Cee-Lo track, Cho Cha*, isn't as good as any of those (and the B52's are woefully underused) but it's a nice entry into the Gnarls Barkley book of foreboding minor key pop.

There is more of this sort of thing on their official website.

* I am aware that this may be slang for an entirely different type of pussy cat to the one alluded to in the song words.

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