Thursday, May 5, 2011

Solange: Stealing Beyoncé's thunder since 2009

Solange is notable for two things. First, she has a name that almost rhymes with "orange". Second, she's got remarkably weird taste in music for someone raised in the same household as Beyoncé.

A couple of years ago, she turned in an amazing cover of Dirty Projector's deliberately obtuse Stillness Is The Move. Now, she's written a melody over the top of Left Side Drive, by minimalist Scottish experimentalists Boards Of Canada. Wistful and forlorn, it is a thing of exquisite beauty.

She introduced the song on Twitter, saying: "Wrote this over the amazing, Boards of Canada 'Left side drive' a couple of years ago. It’s completely unofficial, and was just inspired by the song which i have had a deep love affair with for years. I am a huge Boards of Canada fan, and got the chance to work with them on Sol-Angel on 'This Bird'. Still feel honored to this day." – Solange

You can read this two ways: On one hand, it's deliberately sabotaging Beyoncé - whose attempt to layer a melody over Major Lazer's Pon De Replay has left fans dumbstruck (although I personally think it's superb). On the other, Solange is curating her sister's tastes in alternative music... with results like Run The World (Girls).

Either way, the result is this song - which I am positive you'll love.

LEFT SIDE DRIVE by solange-knowles

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