Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New music: SBTRKT - Wildfire

To be filed under "dubstep but with tunes", here is the new single from SBTRKT. Featuring the delectable vocal talents of Sweden's Little Dragon, it is called Wildfire and it throbs like a fresh bruise.

SBTRKT feat Little Dragon - Wildfire


:: It's pronounced "subtract".

:: He wears a mask to protect his identity (perhaps he is Ryan Giggs).

:: But everyone knows he was formerly nu-jazz noodlemeister Aaron Jerome.

:: Aaron / Subtract / SUBTRKT says: "I don’t fit in a distinct genre umbrella".

:: Whatever that means.

:: He refused to remix JLS: "I love remixing but it’s got to be a decent track."

:: One track that passed the SBTRKT litmus test was Tinie Tempah's Pass Out. He speeded it up and put cowbells all over it. Astonishing.

:: On the masks thing, he notes: "In African societies, masks were used in religious and social events representing spirits of ancestors. They come to life, enhanced by music and atmosphere of the occasion."

:: That will do for now.

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