Monday, May 23, 2011

The mixtape exchange reopens

Every year since 2001, a pair of altruistic music lovers have organised an event called "The Summer Burn". The idea is simple:

1) You register.
2) You make a mixtape.
3) You send it to two people, chosen at random from the database.
4) You receive two mixtapes in return.
5) Hey presto.

Here's the most important rule from the Summer Burn FAQ:
The Summer Burn is all about creating (and receiving) CDs full of music you like to listen to during the Summer. Try to imagine yourself sitting in a field full of daisies and buttercups, troffing your way through a picnic and playing the odd game of Petanque, while listening to your Summer Burn CD. If you think Whalesong sounds Summery, then by all means put it on the CD. But spare a thought for the two people who'll be listening to it in a few weeks.

I've been taking part for a looong time now... Invariably, I get one CD full of worthy tosh from a self-appointed musical historian. It always contains at least one Captain Beefheart track, an archival tape of Brazilian funk, and Dusty Springfield's You Don't Have To Say You Love (there must be some kind of hipster law regarding this song). The other CD contains fewer surprises, but generally gets lodged in my car stereo throughout July and August.

If you think this sounds like fun, you can register at

And here's the mix I put together last year, as an enticement / warning.

Summer Burn 2010 by mrdiscopop

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