Monday, May 9, 2011

Barmy song, bonkers video

What happens when you cross boffins with pop music? If you're lucky, you get Goldfrapp: Geeks with big hearts and a box of sonic magic tricks. For the less fortunate, it's Hot Chip: Weedy mathematicians with the charisma of a closed door.

New York trio Battles fall somewhere in between. You may not have heard of them, but their song Atlas has cropped up in all sorts of unlikely places - including this trailer for PS3 metagame, Little Big Planet.

Atlas was from Battles' 2007 debut album, Mirrored. Since then, they've had a bit of a personnel crisis - losing vocalist Tyondai Braxton after what appears to have been a rather tense year in the recording studio. Nonetheless, the remaining members perservered and have come up with a second album, Gloss Drop, which gleefully puts the "mental" in "experimental".

The first single is Ice Cream, a psychedelic organ groove featuring Chile's Matias Aguayo on vocals. It's exactly the sort of thing that might have cropped up as a video interlude in a 1970s episode of Sesame Street... if Sesame Street had given up teaching the alphabet in favour of made-up Spanglish nonsense words.

Admittedly, Ice Cream isn't the best song you'll hear this week - but it will sit quite happily alongside The Go! Team or The Avalanches in a Spotify playlist. The video (mildly NSFW) features a dog licking a banana and some Monks in a gymnasium.

Daft as a brush.

Battles - Ice Cream

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