Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Babies killing babies

Is Tropical are the sort of band who claim to be "perverting pop music". As if pop music isn't perverse enough as it stands. Have you heard the new Wanted single? Urgh.

So, what are Is Tropical doing that's so revolutionary? It's certainly not their music, which sits at the crossroads of jangly indie dance (Two Door Cinema Club) and jangly dancey indie (Mystery Jets). No, its all about the image - which sees the three members of Is Tropical dress up as terrorists. Presumably, they think they're being dangerous and provocative - but they just come across as an incredibly fey Slipknot.

Their new single The Greeks has a video that takes this rhetoric and turns it into a sure-fire publicity campaign Daily Mail-baiting gorefest. In essence, the video is a hideously brutal remake of Bugsy Malone, where young children are portrayed as drug dealers and nerf guns shoot real bullets. You will be glad to hear that the violence is actually cartoonish, in that it was painted on by a crack team of animators "in post".

And, while it looks like it was a lot of fun to make, the band posted the following picture on their blog -- hinting they may actually be making a serious point about child soldiers.

Have a look at the video. It can be enjoyed on a visceral, Tarantino splatterfest level if that's "your bag". But why not take a look at the UN's website on Children and Armed Conflict when you're done? There are currently 300,000 children fighting in wars around the globe, which is a truly frightening thought.

Is Tropical - The Greeks

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