Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Alex Winston - Sister Wife video

I was blabbing on about Alex Winston's Sister Wife a couple of weeks ago, since when the hook has lodged in my head like an axe. A great alt-pop song, with a novel subject matter: The bedroom-based jealousy of two wives in a polygamous marriage.

Hey there sister wife
Get the hell out - it's my night
You don't know the way to his heart
Like I do

The video has just come out and it's curates egg, to say the least. Key scenes include slices of bread flying out of a toilet, and a cat spewing blood into Alex's face.

Nice legs, though.

Alex Winston - Sister Wife

Alex is touring the UK in June (details here), and she's made a Ladyhawke remix of the single available on SoundCloud:

Sister Wife (Ladyhawke Remix)

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