Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Free mp3 from a random collection of consonants

Hello, pop reader. Today I am going to introduce you to some of the most thrilling sentences in the modern musical vernacular. They are taken from the "making of" documentary for MNDR's new video, Cut Me Out.

Hold on to your chairs, here we go:
  • "This project came about organically."
  • "What Ivan did was to take this commercially available product and augment it for us to create a tool to capture Amanda's performance"
  • "The basic story is of an individual who has layers of things put on them."

I'm going to stop there, in case the explicit nature of those quotes induces some sort of erotic episode in your trouserlegs. But for the full, uncensored effect, you should watch the full, four-and-a-half-minute rockumentary. You won't be disappointed (you will).

As it happens, MNDR is / are excellent. She is / they are Amanda Warner and / or Peter Wade, and they / she / it basically represent a New York Art School riposte to La Roux. IE They are very good indeed.

MNDR first came to our attention with a guest spot on Mark Ronson's Bang Bang Bang last year, which was swiftly followed up by the free MP3, I Go Away, a cyber-ballad with unexpected emotional heft.

Cut Me Out, on the other hand, is a very insistent song; the synth-pop equivalent of Sainsbury's self check-out machines. "Please put your items in the bagging area," it chimes passive-aggresively, unaware that you're drunk and you've just dropped all your coins over the floor and your mum's calling your mobile and an elderly woman who's come out to buy 2 litres of Vimto in her dressing gown is tutting at you under her breath. Stop it! You're giving me a panic attack.

Ahem... Here is the video.

MNDR - Cut Me Out

Like it? You can get the single for free at the Green Label Sound website.
[LINK: MNDR - Cut Me Out download page]

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