Thursday, April 28, 2011

Distressing images from Lykke Li

Poor old Lykke Li isn't having a great time of it.

Last week, she cancelled concerts and radio appearances after throwing her back out. A posting on her official blog yesterday revealed she'd had some sort of raspberry-related panic attack in the Glasgow branch of Marks and Spencer (which begs the question: why don't gorgeous Scandinavian alt-pop stars shop in my local branch of M&S? I'd be perfectly happy to help out when they spill their raspberries.)

Perhaps the strain of touring the country and repeatedly singing about the bleak dissolution of her last relationship is starting to take a mental toll on Lykke Li? It's a theory backed up by the, frankly upsetting, video for her new single Sadness Is A Blessing, in which she has some sort of "episode" in a posh restaurant.

The singer introduced the video on her website with a short poem.

I know I Broke
Your heart, it was never
My intention, all I
Ever wanted was to


Lykke Li - Sadness Is A Blessing

In happier news, Lykke was off her sick bed on Tuesday night to record a few tracks for Jools Holland. They'll be shown on BBC Two tomorrow night - and this lithsome version of Get Some went out on Tuesday's live show.

Lykke Li - Get Some (Live)

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