Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Viewz through a window

Readers, would you like to see some sexy boudoir scenes? A naked couple tumbling 'twixt the sheets? A sensual massage in the shower? A tender, loving shot of a pork sausage?

Then YOU ARE IN LUCK because someone called J Viewz has released a video that's hotter than a kiln. A really, really slutty kiln. In a bra.

The song the video's "servicing" (phwoarrr, etc) is called Oh, Something's Quiet and you can see why the director chose vaseline voyeurism as his mise en scene. Vocalist Kelli Scarr purrs with post-coital bliss, and drumbeats drip over the track like hot butter. It all sounds wonderfully filthy, - even when the lyrics contain such mood-killers as, "I'm wearing your pants".

WARNING: The following video contains shots of a lady's bum cleft.

J Viewz - Oh, Something's Quiet

J Viewz' forthcoming album is one of those modern things where you pay in advance to help offset the cost of recording. He's being a bit more generous than most, however. For the price of admission ($15), you get a physical copy of the album, plus all the downloads you can handle - vocal takes, remixes, videos, uncompressed WAV files. You can join up and follow the work in progress on the J Viewz website.

Nifty, huh?

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