Friday, March 4, 2011

Video updates from Yelle AND Saint Saviour

Previously on Discopop Directory, I described Yelle's new single Safari Disco Club as "experimental gallic dance music", which makes it sound chin-strokingly worthy. Apologies for that, because it is in fact brilliantly bonkers. As this video will now demonstrate.

YELLE - Safari Disco Club / Que veux-tu

Also previously on Discopop Directory, I summoned all my analytical powers and described Saint Saviour's new single This Ain't No Hymn as "atmospheric". It's a genuine and heartfelt observation grounded in truth and I stand by it.

Saint Saviour has also done a video. It is one of those videos where people cover themselves in fairy lights and do interpretive dance in a tunnel. I'd concentrate on the song, if I were you.

Saint Saviour - This Ain't No Hymn

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