Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Super Mario Material Girl

The Bird and the Bee are an LA-based band with the tendency to produce quirky nuggets of dreampop that are a little bit jazz and a little bit brilliant.

Previous examples of their oeuvre include Love Letter To Japan and F-cking Boyfriend. We first heard them in 2008 on Katy Perry's intro tape, which turned out to be the highlight of Katy Perry's concert. Such is the hand you are dealt in this poker game called pop.

ANYWAY - The Bird and the Bee are 50% Greg Kurstin (Beck, Lily Allen, Kylie, The Wanted) and 50% Inara George (winsome, cool, languid). Quite by accident, they have recorded a bleepy bloopy Super Nintendo Entertainment System chipset version of Madonna's Material Girl. According to Inara: "The reason why we covered this song is not very romantic. Greg thought our publishers had asked him to cover the song... but it turned out that he was mistaken."

And thus I present to you my favourite mistake of all time. Apart from my third daughter*.

Material Girl by thebirdandthebee

There are many more goodies like this on The Bird And The Bee's SoundCloud page and their official website.

* Before you leave angry comments, I don't really have any children. At least, none that I'm prepared to acknowledge without a court-ordered DNA test.

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