Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sara Bareilles goes cameo crazy

Piano pop princess Sara Barielles is back with a new song called Uncharted. Once I'd got over the fact it wasn't a tribute to Nathan Drake (geek joke!), it turned out to be a zippy little kitchen sink anthem in the style of The Benjamin Folds Five.

And guess what? Ben Folds turns up in the video, lip-syncing to the track as though he'd written it all along (he didn't). You will also get to see Pharrell Williams, Josh Groban, Tegan And Sara, Ryan Tedder and many, many more people with human faces mouthing the words that Sara Bareilles wrote and sang into a microphone.

Yes, it's exactly the same idea as Nickelback's Rockstar video, but the song is infinitely less hateful.

Sara Bareilles - Uncharted

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