Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ferreira Rocher

Last time we met Sky Ferreira, back in August 2010, she told us she had double-jointed elbows and a four-octave vocal range.

This was around the time the 18-year-old released One, a moody, oscillating feedback loop of electropop that slowly seeped its way into my iTunes most-played list - but never quite managed the chart impact it deserved, stalling at 64 in the UK.

So, what's been going on since then?

1) Sky's album, due in January, has been delayed :(

2) Calvin Klein has snapped her up as the "face" of its pants (and jeans and swimwear and perfume).

3) She has entertained Twitter with pearls of wisdom such as "My pigtails hurt".

But now, at last, there's some new music. Given that Sky's producer credits are a veritable who's who of brilliant pop (Greg Kurstin, Klas Ã…hlund, Dallas Austin, Paul Epworth, Bloodshy & Avant) this is a good thing.

Her new EP is called As If. It's out now in the US, but seems to have fallen down the back of the iTunes sofa in the UK. Nonetheless, the five-song sampler can be heard online until someone at Apple remembers to plump the cushions.

The lead track is Sex Rules, whose sparse and punchy 80s sound brings to mind Kylie's collaborations with Calvin Harris. However, it's a struggle to ignore the toe-curling, innuendo-laden lyrics... A task made inifintely harder by the presence of this lyric video.

Sky Ferreira - Sex Rules

Other tracks on the EP include the surprisingly-not-bollocks dubstep ballad Traces, and the bizarre 108, which is about having sex with a Centenarian. No, really.

But the standout track has to be 99 Tears, which is the actual sound of a teenager strapping 18 tons of semtex to The Noisette's Don't Upset The Rhythm and blasting it into hyperspace. I approve heartily.

Sky Ferreira - 99 Tears

Hopefully the EP will surface on UK iTunes soon!

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