Monday, March 7, 2011

Excuse me, but is that your girl?

This charming young man is called Mattie Safer. You might recognise him if you're the sort of person who stands around at indie gigs looking at the bass guitarist. I'm not one of those people, so I didn't know he was the bassist from The Bravery until someone said "This is Mattie Safer and he used to play bass in The Bravery"

Now The Bravery are a band I don't really have any memory of. After a quick bit of wikipedia and YouTube "research", I recall that they sounded like The Killers rogering Joy Division and their singer had a ridiculous quiff, but they largely passed me by. Looking at their UK chart record, it seems they probably passed you by, too. [UPDATE: It turns out it was The Rapture, not The Bravery (see the comments below). Thankfully, this doesn't disqualify any of the above points, with the exception of the one about the quiff].

So why are we talking about Mattie Safer? Well, because he's put out a disturbingly good club track by the name of Is That Your Girl? First time I heard it, I thought it was Pharrell Williams freestyling over a funky slice of minimalist techno. It's that good.

Mattie's lyrics might have come straight from the Charlie Sheen school of subtlety, but he's got his tongue firmly planted in his cheek, and the music will literally make your jaw drop.

So no-one comes out of this looking good - but the facial contortions will be worth it. Have a listen.

Is That Your Girl? (feat. Telli from Ninjasonik) by mattiesafer

If you want to see a home video of Mattie Safer performing the song over an instrumental, then (1) You're a braver man than I am, and (2) Here it is.

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