Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ping! An email has arrived

The Discopop Directory inbox is a hostile place. If I'm not being offered "men's health products", I'm being introduced to artists who look and sound like Ru Paul if Ru Paul had the courage to be really flamboyant.

So, it was a nice surprise when Seb got in touch. Seb is a singer from London who sounds like a cross between Darren Hayes and Adam Levine. I'm not 100% convinced by the cheddar-splendent demos on his official website, but he's done a song with Fred Falke (amazing) and Burns (?) which is a promising indicator of things to come.

The track is called First Move, and Seb explained how it came about:

I'd wanted to work with Burns for a while, always loved his stuff. Last summer I was at a Mixmag party, Calvin Harris was there, too. I knew he was down to see Burns' set, so I went over to the big man. Incredibly nice, and probably more used to being the centre of attention himself. Yet we chatted and he said he'd introduce me to Burns. He did.

We got e-mailing, I wanted to send Burns some raw ideas but had always loved the original Falke remix of First Move... So I turned it into a vocal track. Something quite romantic but with an air of loss is what I wrote, very much in keeping with the track's original vibe.

He liked the result and now the track is finally getting out there.

What a heartwarming tale. Here's the result.

Burns / Fred Falke / Seb - First Moves

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