Monday, February 21, 2011

Jamie Woon - Lady Luck

Let's be honest, readers, there are several reasons to be suspicious of Jamie Woon.

1) His Brit School education.
2) His achingly fashionable production.
3) His achingly fashionable facial hair.
4) All of his songs sound like mid-90s R&B sweatmeisters Jodeci.
5) He has recorded an a capella version of his new single, Lady Luck, in a canoe in Cambodia, like he's on some sort of dubstep gap year. Urgh.

Jamie Woon - Lady Luck (Al Fresco)

But - and this is a big but (too big for Sir Mix-A-Lot, that's for sure) - his voice instantly overrides any concerns you might have. Jamie Woon wraps his tonsils around a melody like a crab around a rock. Precise yet soulful, modest but powerful.

As he croons in the chorus to Lady Luck, "this is something you can't synthesize".

Thanks to the brand new Day-And-Date release strategy at Polydor / Universal, the single went on sale as soon as it premiered on Mistajam's Radio 1 show yesterday. You can hear it below, and buy it on iTunes now.

Jamie Woon - Lady Luck

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